Top 5 SEO Ranking Factors That You Might Want To KNow

Content management

On-Page Content and Keyword Management – Increased relevance and structure

On-Page content such as blog posts, webpages and infographics are factors in optimizing your site creating more traffic and visibility from search engine results. Attracting other websites on linking to yours is another factor called link building. By optimizing your site and increasing relevance and structure with content and keyword management together with meta tags and other elements, be sure that your site will be search engine friendly.

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Off-Page Link Building – High Page Rank and Authority 

Off-Page SEO is the integration of SEO aspects that cannot be directly controlled by the creator of a website, because they are located “off the web page”. These factors are determined by third party websites and have a large impact on SEO rankings. Search engines analyzes off-page SEO signals in addition to on-page factors to determine a website’s search ranking because publishers can manipulate their on-page factors to inflate their ranking.

 Top 5 SEO Ranking Factors1

Social Metrics

Millions of people are in the social network society that in this century is a stronghold for diverse people that shouts their inner minds through social media. As a business you can take advantage of what is now and what will be. Making you grow as a company with a business and an individual with a voice. And how would you know if you are growing in the social media race? Simply by social media metrics. Social media metrics are: Likes and Shares from Facebook or YouTube. +1 from Google Plus. Ratings from Amazon. Recommendations from Figshare. Tweets from Twitter and Scores from Reddit. These are the Social Metrics that we can see how people relate and interact with your content and how far you are and how popular in the world wide web.
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Mobilegeddon Friendly – websites should go by the rampant growth of the new internet age. (user experience)

What is Mobilegeddon? Mobilegeddon is an algorithm change by Google providing a better experience for mobile users. A site won’t be considered “mobile-friendly” if it does not come along in harmony with mobile gadgets. A mobile-friendly website is a website that has been designed for your mobile phone. This could mean the website looks completely different, however, the basic function of the site is still there. And we go with the rampant growth of the new internet age, websites should consider being a mobile friendly site. This is not just for the sake of mobile users but for your business as well. Companies and agencies do want to hit big on the market, and what would be the answer?, be in the trend, be innovative.

Top 5 SEO Ranking Factors4

Competitor Analysis – how do your competitors perform SEO?

An evaluation of the aptitude and imperfection of competitors in the market is called Competitor Analysis. Taking a look on how your competitors are performing in terms of SEO. Being outranked every time you search for a keyword is a despair moment knowing that others are ranked better than you do. But before you perform and analyze competitors, make sure you analyze and track your own website. well, how can you compare a competitor from you if you don’t have information from your site.

A competitive analysis can help set the stage for a plan, design, and SEO strategy. It can go by knowing the strengths and weaknesses of their strategy.  Analyzing some of the top ranking competitors will help pinpoint common strategy components for improvement.  The stronger the competitor is with SEO and conversion component implementation the harder it will be to compete.  The weaker they are the easier and faster it could be to get the intended results.

Top 5 SEO Ranking Factors5


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