Canvas Development Announces A Wide Range Of SEO Services

Introducing three major services from Canvas Development. To top it all we offer Search Engine Optimization or SEO, we pride ourselves with the best SEO experts that could give you that edge when talking about search engine results using search engine optimization techniques. But what is SEO or search engine optimization? SEO is a tactic, strategy or a process that potentially helps improve your website on the web. Making it more searchable on the web.

SEO is a technique which helps search engines find and rank your site higher than the hundreds of thousand sites in response to a search query. SEO strategy thus help you get traffic from search engines. Canvas Development do have experienced professionals that will make your website rank in search engine results. And even if you have an existing website, Canvas Development can make your site rank higher in search engines results. We have SEO services to make your site known throughout the world wide web.

Another major service Canvas Development offers is what we call Social Media Marketing. This service is a method targeting the social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more to gain more attention and traffic for your website. As we all know social media today is getting more and more powerful and popular for people of all ages. Millions are into social media and what better way to beam up your site that of Canvas Development Social Media Marketing.

Search Engine Marketing is also a major service offered by Canvas Development through methods of search engine optimization, social networking and pay per click(PPC) and a lot more. Canvas Development is here to support you in ways to increase web activity for your site. In short, generating leads, increase in traffic etc…followed by of course, positive conversion rates.

Canvas Development is an SEO services company that caters well experienced professionals including designers, managers and developers for years congregated by Peyton Fouts that you surely can count on. Envisioned to help customers, companies, agencies, groups and individuals to meet their goals and giving the highest standard of excellence they deserve.

5 Effective Ways to Start Link Building to Your Website

Have you ever wondered how to start a basic but a solid and effective link building plan for your website? Here are 5 effective ways to start link building to your website and bring traffic to your site.With all the search engine technology trends leading to the dawn of old school marketing more and more business owners, large or small scale are beginning to consider the benefits of using digital marketing to gain more exposure for their products and services. Diving into an SEO journey for your site though is going to be a tedious job to take and it’s gonna get you to spend hours on your desktop feeling like it’s not worth every second of it. Many businesses start to engage into a decision of performing c for their sites to start getting traffic and to reach out to a wider audience. This is not an easy task and a huge company will require to hire a department of SEO strategists or specialist to plan out and perform the dirty job for it.

If you are just starting out and you have no idea on how to push your time on efforts you’re not sure to prosper or not.

Okay, so you already have your keywords at hand, you know who you want to target for sure. Let’s get into business and make those keywords work and get you some real visitors to your site. Remember to always leave a link to your website with a keyword used as an anchor text.

  1. Write or get someone to write a press release for your website. Press releases nowadays are not those that are posted in newspapers. Over the internet we do have lots of press release websites who are waiting for your content to be submitted and be posted to their sites.
  2. Make a presentation about your product or your niche, make it look good, designed to go with a word doc, power point presentation or even a jpeg such as the one we have on top and distribute it on document or file sharing sites. This technique done correctly will give you double backlinks.
  3. Web 2.0 requires a lot of effort but is the most powerful among all that is listed here. Writing tiny articles of 300 words each and submitting them to blog sites and targeting specific keywords as anchor text within the content has always been very effective in Google’s algorithm. In fact, websites which has tiny amount but has the most number of backlinks from good articles coming from web 2.0 perform well on SERP’s than any others which have hundreds more backlinks coming from crappy sites.
  4. Social Media, sometimes just by having your website on your profiles will help but if you do have a great number of followers you might want to always share whatever things you do with your website on your profile. Plus, sharing social media statuses gain their own place in Google SERP’s they get indexed individually, so the more sharing you do the more backlinks you get.
  5. Social Bookmarking, the last but definitely should not be ignored. Bookmarks as others say could make or break your site’s reputation, they still bring traffic given that you make them correctly with proper tagging and profile editing. Make the titles long and catchy, better to use long tail keywords to make variation and to balance out the volume of your direct keyword backlinks.

There is a huge volume of things you could do for your website to get good SERP’s and traffic. In fact, with the list above, things in there are just fundamental and has been used for almost a decade now. Search engine optimization may still be a bit hard to crack for some but it is not that late for new explorers to make things happen. The key here is to do whatever it is out there and get something out of it, after all, in SEO, time is always valuable. You will surely reap what you sow.

Effective Link Building to Your Website