New Printer Cutter for Promotional Magnets

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Raleigh NC, October 2016 – NC LOGOWEAR is very happy to announce their New Printer Cutter for Promotional Magnets! As we all know, these magnets are of good use to a business or company in terms of advertising in an inexpensive way and NC Logowear can make it for you.

Handy promotional magnets can put your business or company’s important information at the fingertips of customers that you need to get through your door, giving yourself an advantage over the hundreds of agencies and establishments in the local yellow pages. Oftentimes, ease of access determines which business establishment or restaurant will be called for a carryout or delivery order and your restaurant’s customized magnet attached to the filing cabinet in every office in town gives you a big advantage at getting lots of orders.

Personalized magnets come in a number of different shapes. When used for business magnets, stock shapes can be very helpful in conveying what a business is all about. For instance, if a dentist wants to create an eye-catching magnet, they could select a tooth shape which is general part of a stock shape. Each company has different stock shapes available so be sure
to check around.

Custom fridge magnets magnets have always been used by people, and actually the popularity with them goes on for many years. Some people get so addicted to them, they still keep them after they loose their magnetic properties. For many years we were used to the fact that these little items were available in few sizes and shapes. Nowadays, they can be as big as your ideas can be. They are also highly appreciated by basically everyone, young and old, men and women.

Another kind of promotional magnet that NC Logowear can do for you are business card magnets. Different types of cards are available to promote a business. A marketer should select that type of card that best reflects his business. A designer uses many types of printing materials to give them professional look. The basic ones include magnetic, metal, plastic, printed and glossy. The business magnetic cards can be distributed among the customers on occasions like product launches, trade shows, events and appointment reminders. One can stick these on any metal surface like automobiles, metal doors or office cabinets and much more. These cards do not get damaged and you can utilize them for effective promotion.

Magnetic business cards are better than just the paper cards because they can be stuck on metal drawers or refrigerators and not like paper they can last for a very long time. If you want a personalized magnetic business card, NC Logowear can make it for you. With their new Printer Cutter for Promotional Magnets, making business cards with magnets is a piece of cake. Custom made magnets are items that go far as business advertising is concerned. They can be put anywhere and people would easily see it, instant advertising!

NC Logowear has the newest technology when it comes to printing materials of any kind. This coming holiday season make sure that you plan all the materials you need for events, parties and celebrations. Giveaways and promotional items can be ordered and made with the specifics of your design. You may be a business, an organization small agency or even a simple individual, NC Logowear will take good care of you.

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