The New Escape Games – Countdown Games Lexington Kentucky


What would you do if you are locked inside a room and you have no key and the only way of getting out is by solving the puzzles that will reveal clues to escape? You are given 60 minutes to escape the trapped room or else the room will explode that is full of explosives. Good thing it’s just a game, a reality escape game that will challenge the minds of players on how to deal with puzzles and clues.
Countdown Games Lexington Kentucky opens its doors to players that wants to experience something extraordinary in terms of games. People nowadays are stuck in front of their tv monitors, computers, smartphones and tablets playing online games or computer games. Countdown Games is here to give you a blast once you step inside their escape game rooms. A fantastic way to exercise the body and brain of a team that needs a break from work, from school or from any stressful activity. Countdown Games is the newest escape games venue in Lexington and people in the area will surely have the game of their lives. Beat the evil masterminds that made traps inside the rooms, conquer and destroy their evil plans so that they can never harm anybody again. Real life escape games surely is worth the play and worth your time.

Countdown Lexington KY gives you the best escape games experience ever. The fun part is that you can play escape games along with your friends, family, co-employees or whoever you might want to be with. The escape game phenomenon exploded 2014 for real life escape game industry and right now as you read this there are 50-plus countries and more than 250 cities around the world that cater escape games. A mind blowing activity that you will never forget and will surely be back for more.

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