Here Are Some Of The Habits That Cause Bad Breath

Habits That Cause Bad Breath

Bad breath can be caused by poor dental hygiene, irregular or improper brushing and flossing can leave food particles to decay inside the mouth. A bad habit of not brushing your teeth could eventually cause bad breath. But brushing doesn’t reach the spaces between the teeth, but plaque does. A simple daily flossing between your teeth clears plaque before it can cause damage. Flossing also cleans plaque at the gum line, another area that brushing tends not to reach. Plaque past the gum line can lead to periodontal disease.

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There are some habits that can ultimately lead to bad smelling and stinky breath that can make you think of changing the choices you make in terms of oral hygiene. Here are some examples of bad habits.

  • The habit of smoking is another cause of bad breath, remember that it does not just affect your lungs and heart but of course your teeth. Smoking can make your teeth yellowish or of brownish color. Smoking alters the bacteria inside your mouth making it harmful to you because when you smoke your breath will certainly have a bad odor, it also increases the buildup of plaque and tartar on teeth and surely helps in developing mouth disease.
  • Avoiding the dentist is a very bad habit that can lead to bad breath. Do you still remember when you were small, your parents would teach you how to take care your teeth, Visiting the dentist is one of them, is that right? Visiting the dentist is very important when we talk about oral hygiene. The dentist can tell you everything you need to make your teeth healthy. Smiling confidently and having conversations with anybody without the horrible bad breath. Visit the dentist regularly and avoid having bad breath.
  • The habit of eating too much sweets or drinking sugary drinks let sugar stay on your teeth, and when sugar sticks to your teeth bacteria then feeds on them. Bacteria that feeds on sugar is one way of having Bad breath. Always keep in mind that we need to keep our teeth clean, eat healthy food, stay away from too much sweets, junk food, softdrinks and other sweet foods.
  • The habit of breathing through your mouth can reduce salivation and prevent saliva from washing away bacteria, resulting in bad breath. Some people will breathe through the mouth as a result of suffering from health conditions including asthma, sleep apnea, snoring, and stuffy noses. If you suffer from any these conditions, seek out professional treatment so you can start breathing normally from your nose.
  • Skipping Water for Cola and Coffee is not always a good habit if you want your breath to be fresh and your teeth to be white for a lifetime. Just don’t forget to drink lots of water. This will keep you healthy and with better smelling breath. Why exactly does coffee and cola cause bad breath? Well, the caffeine in both of these drinks dries out your mouth and slows down the production of saliva. Saliva kills bacteria that is in your mouth and also helps to wash out any food particles that are left in your teeth or other areas of your mouth. A dry mouth and the leftover food particles can start to give off bad smelling odor. Coffee and cola bad breath can easily be fixed by washing it all down with a tall glass of water right after.


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