New Countdown Games’ Youtube Video Time Bomb

Lexington Kentucky, November 2016 – Countdown Games is proud to announce that there is now a Youtube video for the escape room “Time Bomb”. The countdown has begun! An assassin set a bomb to go off to destroy the evidence of his crimes in his lair and you must defuse the bomb before time is out! Solve the mischievous puzzles, riddles and more, just don’t get bitten by the assassin’s pet before you escape.

If you are looking for fun places to go in Lexington Kentucky, Countdown Games is the answer. We know that there are a lot of fun places to go in Kentucky but the craziest escape game rooms are found with Countdown games. Time Bomb is just one of their rooms that gives an explosive gameplay for players that are looking for excitement and fun. Never has there been a bigger escape room than Countdown Games.


Escape games are fun games for kids, for teens and for the young at heart. Anybody can play the game as long as they can handle the puzzles and find clues to escape the room. More and more people are booking their game as of now and you should be one of them. Book a game and you’ll see the difference from other escape games that you have been to, and if you have not yet experienced playing the game, this is is your chance to play the best of the best escape games ever built.

Countdown Games is absolutely should be on your list on Lexington Kentucky things to do. We all know that there are dozens of places to go in Lexington and escape games Lexington is the another page in the book, different, exciting, awesome game play inside a trapped room. Every penny is worth it when you play escape games. Go ahead and find out for yourself why people are flocking into Countdown Games.

Looking For Fun Places to Go?

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Ranches offer country experiences in the great outdoors. Full of the beautiful scenery and country hospitality, ranches vary from rustic, hands on, where guests can help with chores, to full scale resorts, some with spas. A wide range of activities can be found such as horseback riding, trail hikes, country dancing, and activities for younger children. Accommodations can be rooms, cabins and cottages.

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Last but not the least on fun places to go is escape room Lexington Kentucky . Escape games is great for the whole family which gives loads of fun. This type of reality game is built for players wanting to experience how playing inside a trapped room filled with puzzles feel and the fulfillment of escaping the room. Awesome for families, group of friends and company employees that wants to have a weekend break. This might be the best escape games ever built in Lexington Kentucky.