Google AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Project Goes Live

Yes it’s on and we can finally have a good look and try of the newest Google project AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages Project as it says on its website. This morning Barry Schwartz the founder and author of Search Engine Roundtable blabbed about the launch of the newest service and users (website owners) can now get to try it for their website.

While with all these news honker over the internet today, we couldn’t help but have a look and see if we can open it and so far it was a success. We will be giving it a try in a couple of minutes but we’ll walk you through first on what this project is all about.

Accelerated Mobile Pages Projects -
Accelerated Mobile Pages Projects –

The website has its own definition of what truly AMP is all about. In there, you’ll find some documentations, posts and videos of how to use it, what it is for and how will it help you with your marketing campaigns ( well sort of… if you are that interested and understand what is in there, of course!).

In a nutshell, AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages was made to make already mobile friendly websites even friendlier by making them load faster by 15%-85%  as Google claims it. But why is it worth a try? How is it going to help out a website in terms of design, functionality and SEO scores?

With the launch of Google’s “Mobilegeddon” last April of 2015, internet marketers have updated their websites to become mobile-friendly. Mobilegeddon is Google’s newest line of algorithm set to give significant ranking to mobile-friendly sites. Since the inevitable growth and advancement in mobile technology and consumer usage, Google decided to give credit to websites which consider their users who use their mobile/smartphones more often than their desktops and or laptops. This algorithm gives priority to lite and mobile friendly sites in terms of their SERP’s and trashing off old and “unupdated” websites putting them on third or fourth pages of Google.

Now, having a number of updates already Mobilegeddon seems to last and internet marketers and website owners need to consider a great deal of it.

This is where AMP project comes in handy. It gives a boost to websites that will eventually use it, in all aspects Accelerated Mobile Pages will elevate both user experience for the audience and more juice or leads for business or website owners. In most recent studies, more and more people practice abandoning a website if it doesn’t load in a matter of 4-6 seconds thus rendering high bounce rates for a website. If we are going to talk about engaging to people around the globe which is understandably having a full spectrum of different internet data rates and speed, a very light and a very mobile-responsive website is a plus. Google understands that in the future, being the internet giant that they are, they need to provide businesses some solutions for their internet marketing needs and in return give them a sort of a measuring tool to better implement “crowd control” of determining which matters most and who needs to be on top for doing their SEO homework.

Canvas Development Launches New Site

Lexington, Kentucky, February 2016

The site includes information to help customers understand Canvas Development’s  complete line of services. All services that you need for your website can be seen that is put together to provide an overview of Canvas development’s capabilities mixed with professional experience.

Molded with years of  experience, the website has been designed using the latest technology so the site is compatible with today’s browsers and mobile devices. Plus, helping to make Canvas Development’s extensive selection of products easy to view with a great design and easy with your eyes which can be clearly considered through the new website.

The new website means that customers can now benefit from richer online content that is easier to navigate and share with others, assisting you with the details and process. This is a result of our wonderful development team giving their best to give you exquisite customer service.

On the Canvas Development website, visitors can also stay informed with the latest news of the company, and the development  industry. The News tab features the latest announcements, product information and opinion pieces from the industry experts.

In addition, the new website allows users to share products and pages would surely interest them with others across Facebook, Twitter and Google+. You will be amazed how the design and platform for the website changes every 24 hours, astounding huh? And yes you can have that kind of design too.

Visit the new Canvas Development website and do give us your feedback on the new website by posting a comment on our Facebook page.

About Canvas Development

Our original development team – assembled by Peyton Fouts – started working together way back in 2006 on their own website. They soon realized that they worked great together and didn’t want to stop there. So they decided to turn it into a business. Now we have a continuously growing team of over 35 designers, managers, and developers working with clients from around the world.

We have a great team of senior level developers, all with 5+ years of experience in deploying, maintaining, and customizing websites based on a wide range of platforms and programming languages. Ruby on Rails, WordPress, PHP, HTML5, MySQL and much more. We do it all!