The Evolution Of Journalism From Past To Present


World press freedom day was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly in December 1993, following the recommendation of UNESCO’s General Conference. Since then, May 3, the anniversary of the Declaration of Windhoek is celebrated worldwide as World Press Freedom Day. In this event let me just share some facts about journalism.

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Journalism has been a part of our lives for centuries that makes us aware of what’s happening around. Newspapers before are very important to people in the old days, people like to read and know what is going on about a certain event or person, making newspapers something they can rely when it comes to news. If you are thinking when did journalism in newspapers start, the answer is that journalism in newspapers started since 1700 and it made a lot of progress since then that made journalism successful through decades.

Then there is journalism in radios. Do you still remember how the old radios look like? Radios that is so valuable to people who love to listen to news and knowing the current events happening, hearing the news about anything and everything on the radio is one of the fascinating things about journalism back on the old days, knowing what’s happening about sports, today’s events and about the country is a very big help for people to be informed about everything.

When television arrived, journalism even went far because people just don’t hear the news but they can also see the events that occur all over the world, a big leap for mankind. Tv journalism gives people information about the current situation around us, seeing every bit of story journalists tell on the television that makes us aware on things and makes us more knowledgeable.

Journalism found the internet a very efficient and successful  way to bring the news all over the world. As we know there are millions and millions of people surfing the internet everyday that potentially can see what the news is all about. News from local and international journalists are on the internet making it a powerful medium for their craft.

Journalists nowadays are into the world wide web creating websites of their own. Having a website as a journalist makes it easier for them to write and publish their news direct to readers and viewers.Getting a website is easy and a brilliant way for journalists starting a career in broadcasting. Having to reach a worldwide audience instantly with your fantastic ideas and news definitely does the job as a journalist. Social media interaction beefs-up journalism, with millions of people on social media you can never doubt that your news can reach even the farthest person on the planet.

So why not get a website and make attention-grabbing news, a lot of journalists have their websites, making good use of the social media sites to spread the news. There are dozens of social media sites that you can send your news to, just be sure that the facts are correct and with good execution and you can be sure that your network will grow with a bit of confidence and hard work.


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