3 Things You Need To Know Before Filing Workers’ Compensation


Being injured in the course of your work is a horrible thing to happen. You can not continue to work normally, your life is definitely different from yesterday. It is sad that people do go through a situation like this. However, if it does happen, (hopefully not) there is what we call worker’s compensation that can help you with what happened.

But before you file a worker’s compensation claim you need to remember some important things.

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1. If you have an injury at work, You should seek medical attention, go to a doctor immediately so you can be treated and make sure that your medical issues are recorded completely. Have it documented so that you can present them for filing a claim. Having no documents at all can make problems on filing a compensation claim. Remember that we need to think seriously on this matter because it is our health that needs to be taken care of. A minor injury or a major injury it might be you must seek medical attention immediately

2. After you have gone to a health provider, your employer should know the details of your injury because this is crucial for your right for a claim. Let your employer know as soon as possible, taking a long time to notify your employer might forfeit your claim. We do not want to have injuries at work and be compensated after, would we? Having an injury without compensation can make our dreams fall from the sky, your hope for a better future might not be so clear.

3. Once you have notified your employer of the injury, the process will start. Let us say your employer is willing to work with you, they will be the one to give you forms to be filled out which they will then be submitted to the proper insurance carrier to process the injury claim. Sadly, in some cases, employers may not be willing to cooperate and might fight or attempt to ignore your claim. If that happens, it’s your job to stand up for yourself and reach out to an experienced compensation lawyer that can file your claim directly with the state workers’ compensation agency. It’s important to note that just because an employer drags their feet does not mean that an injured worker could be left without recourse, you can always move forward on your own and bring the workers’ compensation case.

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